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Interviewing Applicants for Harvard College

The Schools and Scholarships Committee of the Harvard Club of Long Island continuously seeks new members to interview student applicants for our region. Each year, more students are applying to the College. The personal interview is a meaningful conversation between a Harvard graduate and an inspiring young person. Our assessments provide valuable details about students' personal qualities, contribute to Harvard's future, and serve as a resource in our local communities.

Interviews are assigned and reports submitted via an online system that makes the logistical aspects of the process quite simple. Each interviewer completes from one to eight interviews per year, with interviews typically lasting about 45 minutes. Interviews are based on the preference of student candidates and can now either be in-person, following your local public health guidelines, or online.

Our committee's rate of interview completion is among the best in the nation, and with your help we can encourage our promising high school students and support Harvard's outreach to talented students from all locations and backgrounds.

Please Join Us

If you would like to become an interviewer or learn more, please click on the following link: to go to the Alumni Interview Portal to complete your eligibility and information forms. Your Harvard Key is required to access the Portal. You can also contact us with any questions at